Livestock Farm Rescue Project

Lifestock Farm Rescue Project (SE QLD, Aus)

Based in South East Queensland AE’s Lifestock project focusses on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of farm-based animals legally classed as ‘livestock’, and not covered by our horse and hen rescue projects.

Although we come into contact with a mass of animal products in our society we rarely associate those products with the lives behind them – the forgotten faces. With most of these sentient beings forgotten, coupled with demand for animal products at an all time consumer high (and growing), it leaves little wonder why many a farm-based species are subjected to intensive farming techniques that can be very easily identified as cruel and exploitive.

With billions of farm-based animals currently in these intensive farming processes there is no way Animal Endeavours can save them all, but what we can do with your support is rescue a steady flow of lucky ones and share their stories, their rehabilitation and their wonderfully unique personalities with the world – faces that were otherwise lost and forgotten. We hope to reintroduce these important and valuable lives back into minds and hearts to hopefully then encourage the seeking of information and moral progression through personal consumer choices.

That, and we think these guys deserve just as much a chance as the domestic canine and feline faces we know so well!


Help us help our Farm Friends…we desperately need the 3 Fs!

1. Foster Parents (specifically in the Ipswich/Laidley area)

2. Funds (to feed and fix our farm-based friends)

3. Forever Homes (adopt a farm friend for life today!)

If you can help us with any of our Fs, please contact us.

Farm Friends available for Adoption

With new rescues coming into care regularly please keep an eye on our PetRescue profile and our Facebook page for up-to-the-hour news feeds and rescue profiles!



Never Forgotten Farm Friends in Fur-ever Homes

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