Needy Steeds

Needy Steeds Project (SE QLD, Aus)

Based in South East Queensland ‘Needy Steeds’ is a horse rescue project that endeavours to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome domestic horses who were slated for slaughter.

Unknown to most Australians, many horses are slaughtered every year – and we are not even referring to the slaughter of wild brumbies in heartbreaking aerial culls. Domestic horses, many trained under saddle with educations and friendly personalities, some quite young are also being slaughtered, but this time for the European horse meat market and other uses. Also known as the ‘knacker’ or ‘dogger’, too many of these magestic symbols of strength meet their demise on these ‘kill floors’…many perfectly rehomable. What a way to say thank you to the humble creature who has known centuries of servitude to our societies! Next time you see a cattle truck filled with horses, spare a thought for their beautiful undeserving souls and help Needy Steeds make a difference!

Help us help Horses…we desperately need the 3 Fs!

1. Foster Parents (specifically in the Ipswich/Laidley area)

2. Funds (to feed and fix our steeds)

3. Forever Homes (adopt a steed for life today!)

If you can help us with any of our Fs, please contact us.

Needy Steeds available for Adoption

With new steeds coming into care regularly please keep and eye on our PetRescue profile and our Facebook page for up-to-the-hour news feeds and rescue profiles!



Happy Hooves in Happy Homes

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