Our Goals

We are a team based in the ever-growing region of
South East Queensland Australia…

with a strong project focus around Australia and neighbouring South East Asia – where such a little bit from us goes such a long way in what has been dubbed “the real frontier” by many animal welfare groups. Animal Endeavours Inc is committed to establishing projects and offering support to some amazingly passionate and experienced teams on the ground.

We do this in new and innovative ways, guided by our ‘Big 3′….

 The ‘Big 3′ Animal Endeavours

  1. Awareness
    “Know the facts so you are empowered to make a positive change”.
    Promote awareness of key animal welfare challenges in Australasia.
    We have noticed that when people have the info they will often make positive changes in the world. What are some of the ways we are helping spread the word?
  • Various media productions such as documentaries
  • Coordinating Volunteer Projects and Programs with partnering rescue groups abroad (allowing everyone to make a difference, and creating lifelong supporters of a cause)
  • Supporting progressive research
  1. Support
    “Movers and shakers make change a reality, and with support they can change the world”.
    Support struggling established front-line animal welfare operations in Australasia.
    There are many grassroots rescue groups out there with masses of passion and experience tirelesly working against the odds, but in most cases they lack the precious resources and support to drive their rescue project forward. The AE team has a strong focus on supporting our on-the-ground friends and partners a few ways.
  • Matching teams with our ‘Subject Matter Experts’
  • Produce and provide operational resources
  • Media assistance such as documentary production
  • Financial support where viable and suitable
  1. Rescue
    “By saving one animal you are not saving the world, but what you are doing means the world to that animal”.
    Establish and coordinate rescue projects where required.
    While we are at heart a ‘bigger picture’ animal welfare organisation, we also support and run rescue projects local to South East Queensland, such as the ‘Ladies of Liberation’ for rescued battery hens, and are working towards the establishment of ‘Sanctuary Valley’, a safe haven, retreat and adoption base for rescued farmed animals.

See our Projects pages for more information on our current projects and how you make a difference.