Our Team

Kellie Ireland | President Animal Endeavours Inc.Kellie Ireland | President (Volunteer)

Key in leading and formulating the Animal Endeavours strategic direction and representing the team publicly, the President works very closely with the Director to ensure Animal Endeavours Inc Leadership team are supported as they carry out their life-saving work. Kellie has a long and successful history in engaging minds and hearts and a passion for animal welfare, most recently as the Director of Humane Education for RSPCA Qld. Vibrant, dedicated and enthusiastic Kel brings pizzazz backed with intelligence to the AE Presidency.

Michelle Sinclair | Director (Volunteer)

Working closely with the President and Leadership team on the development of the Animal Endeavours strategic direction, the Director also leads implementation of the plans operationally and oversees Animal Endeavours daily doings. As Director and Founder of Animal Endeavours Michelle deeply believes that one person can make a difference and a passionate group can change the world. Dedicated to bringing wellbeing and respect into the lives of all living beings, Michelle has a history of animal welfare advocacy, in roles such as the Director of Volunteering for RSPCA Qld, Veterinary Clinic Management and is currently with the Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics (CAWE) managing a project that aims to promote United Nations OIE humane slaughter and transport guidelines in South East Asia.

Christine Thompson | Needy Steeds Horse Rescue Project Coordinator (Volunteer)

Christine hails from the UK where she has had a successful career within the equine and education industries. Christine held roles with the University Campus Suffolk, were she taught students on the FdSc Animal Science & Welfare, FdSc Animal Science & Welfare (Equine Health), and FdSc Wildlife Management & Conservation. If that wasn’t enough, she also wrote the Equine Health pathway, and managed the course. After moving to Australia Christine has held a key role in Humane Education in RSPCA Qld and founded PAWES – a business that delivers humane education to school children. Christine is now a hard working and knowledgable AE team member, and we are very fortunate to have her as our Needy Steeds Coordinator.


Maurice D. Valentine | Creative Director (Volunteer)

Mo’s just amazing. ‘Nuff said!





Peggy Hayes| Secretary of the Board (Volunteer)

Originally from NYC, the wonderfully talented and passionate Peggy Hayes has a world of experience and a heart of pure gold. Not a stranger to applying innovation and organisation to move an animal welfare non-for-profit forward, Peg (with husband Peter and cat Lord Rodney) most recently saw the establishment of a RSPCA Qld Adoption Centre on the Gold Coast through to fruition; another successful venture for a successful team and a chance at a real life for many kittens otherwise euthanised. Peg is a long-time vegetarian and animal welfare advocate, and is a positive and supporting influence for fellow Animal Endeavours leaders – who are more than rapt to have her on the team.


Dr. Mandy Paterson | Principal Advisor – Welfare, Science and Research (Volunteer)

With the Animal Endeavours Leadership team eager to stay well-informed and well-versed in scientific fact and blessed with subject matter expertise, our Principal Advisor (WSR) has the task of making that a reality and ensuring AE remains progressive by nature of resources. Dr Mandy Paterson has the unique combined experience gained by many years working as a veterinarian ­treating all kinds of animals, from domestic cats all the way to tigers, and academic scientific research highlighted by the attainment of a PhD. Couple these unique skills with her experience reviewing and writing animal welfare policy at RSPCA Qld as Scientific Research Officer, topped off with a love for animals, Mandy remains a sage and valuable member of the AE Leadership team.


Kayla Lawson | Funding Project Officer (Volunteer)

Many years’ experience working front-line in animal welfare, experience working with respected financial advisors specialising in the Not-For-Profit sector, and continuing university studies in Accounting make Kayla a vital member of the Animal Endeavours leadership team. With a giant heart for the underdog, an extensive track record of rescuing and caring for the most vulnerable (including the old and medically challenged), and a passion for vegetarianism Kayla embodies Animal Endeavours Inc philosophies and the team are rapt to have her onboard.



Dr. Joshua King | Principal Advisor – Small Animal Veterinary Medicine (Volunteer)

From treating shelter animals at the Animal Welfare League, to attending to primarily critical cases at an emergency veterinary clinic, on to teaching Veterinary Science Students as a Senior Clinician at the University of Queensland, and most recently working as a referral Internal Medicine Clinician – Joshua is one of the few go to guys when it comes to complicated medical issues with dogs and cats in South East Queensland. Joshua brings his massive wealth of knowledge and veterinary skill to AE, along with his passion for making a difference in the lives of his patients. We are extremely fortunate to have Joshua on the team, and know our rescues are in great hands when it comes to their health and wellbeing.



Emma Whitlock | Principal Advisor – Avian and Exotics (Volunteer)

Spending her entire career working with some of the planets most fascinating and engaging species, Emma has a knowledge of avian and exotic care that could not fit into a textbook – in fact, she has written them. Starting out at Europe’s biggest and busiest wildlife hospital, she got her BSc (Hons) degree in Vet Nursing Science, moved on to working for the Zoological Society of London, sat on the Animal Ethics Committee at Imperial College London, and topped off her already amazing career in the UK by working for the nation’s only 24hr specialist Avian and Exotic Referral. After moving to Australia with her family Emma is now the Practice Manager at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, and volunteers her skills to the special creatures in the AE family. We think the animal kingdom is lucky to have Emma, and so is the AE team.